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Price Sizzles

May 24, 2009

SMITHFIELD, VA — Chris Price figures he??s due. He is getting a fresh start in his Virtual Tournament debut and quickly made a powerful statement on Friday afternoon northwest of Norfolk, VA. The full-time firefighter needed someone else to put out his flames after he sizzled his way to 81 points.

??I am quite sure these guys out here are great players, but maybe it is my turn,? said Price, who somehow scored 5 pars and 2 birdies at a difficult Cypress Creek Golfers Club.

Price stamped an exclamation point at the end of his round with a 8-point birdie putt at the 18th hole.

??I am certainly not intimidated," said Price. "You know there are better players out there, but seeing Tatum's frequently can steer anyone in the 'land of confidence'.

The 81-point effort moved Price up 16 spots from 37th position in the Virtual Tournament to 21st position with 56.8 points per round.

??I am pleased with my the position," says Price. "There are a couple of guys who might call today's round a fluke, but they obviously do not understand the importance of peaking prior to a major championship."

Price finished the round with a bogey golf 18-over 90. The pretty good round included at sextuple bogey at the 11th hole.

Partner Jeff Tatum managed just 2 pars during his round, but received an impressive 20 bonus points for Cypress Creek Golfers Club difficulty. The 39-over 111 was the Jeff's third highest stroke total ever and worst since the summer of 2007.

The 2009 Virtual Tournament continues with Scott Mealey of Baltimore, MD in the lead with 69.3 points per round. Rookie Mark Palmer has second position after a monsterous 106 point effort a few weeks ago.